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Why Do I Need a Will?

Last will and testament

If you die without a valid will in place then you will be classed as having died intestate.  This will result in the Rules of Intestacy being applied to your estate. Watch out for my blog on intestacy rules coming soon for more information.  You will not have any say about who inherits or how much they get nor will you have any say in who will manage your estate and divide it up, who will be trustees looking after any part of the estate that is being held on trust or who will look after any minor children you may leave behind.

I know for certain I want to be making all of the decisions about what happens to my estate, who looks after any trusts and who looks after my children.  That is why I have a valid will in place to make sure this happens.  I do not want these decisions to be left in the hands of statutory law when I die since I have the option to make these decisions while I am alive.  If you want to make these decisions for yourself while you are alive then contact me today to make an appointment or ask for further information.  Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

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