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Assets are things owned by the person creating the will.  This includes personal possessions, land, property, motor vehicles, pensions, life insurance, shares and bank accounts.

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An Administrator is the person the court appoints to distribute an estate of a person who dies without a valid will in place.  This usually happens when a person applies for letters of administration.  The deceased person has no say over who this would be.


Power of attorney


An attorney is the person who is named to make decisions on your behalf under a Lasting Power of Attorney document. 

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Anyone can write a will themselves if they wanted to. However, when you speak to a professional either face to face or remotely we will look at the bigger picture and offer you tailored advice about Estate Planning as a whole.

At Kat's Wills and Estate Planning I offer advice on all Estate Planning matters. This includes:


  • A Professional Will

  • Discretionary Trusts

  • Vulnerable Persons Trusts

  • Life Interest Trusts

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Property Protection Trusts

  • Severance of Tenancy


It is important when considering Estate Planning you speak to a Professional. There are many companies out there offering a cheap will but this is non-advised and solely based on what you put into their questionnaire. If you do not have the confidence and knowledge to draft your will yourself then these firms are not the best route for you.

For further information or advice just get in touch with me at:


07761 332 776

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