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A codicil is a legally written document that modifies, changes or revokes part of an earlier will.  This will often be used if a person already has a will but wants to make a reasonably small amendment to it.  Instead of writing a new will they may create an additional document to be stored with the original will.  The codicil would override the clause in the original will that it refers to.

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Common Misconceptions About Wills:


I often hear people saying they don’t need a will for various reasons including “they are too young” or “Wills are too expensive” or “everything will go to my family anyway”.

My aim at Kat’s Wills is to help dispel these misconceptions.  You are able to get a professionally drafted single basic will for £150.00 and joint basic will for £200.00.  A professionally drafted single trust will would be £230.00 and joint trust wills would be £300.00.  These prices are highly competitive within the will writing and estate planning market and they are a fraction of the cost charged by a solicitor for the same quality of work.

For further information please look at my guides on my website or contact me directly to discuss.

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