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Your estate is the net worth of everything you own at the time of your death after any debts you owe has been paid off.  This will include your personal possessions, property, land, money, shares, dividends, life insurance and pensions. 


This can then be distributed as decided by you if you have a valid will in place when you die.  If you die without a valid will this will be distributed under intestacy rules.

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An Executor is the person you appoint to distribute your estate on your behalf when you have died.  This would usually be a friend or a relative of yours or alternatively it may be a probate company you have chosen to use.  The executor can be a beneficiary, but this is not always the case. 

I would recommend you discuss with the person you are choosing to be your executor to ensure that they are happy to act on your behalf.  They will have the responsibility of gathering all of your assets paying off your debts and distributing the estate as directed by you in your will. 


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